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Another Top London Blogs Award For Love London!

I LOVE days that start with tweets like this from the ace Claire, part of #LoveLondon HQ.

We’ve been working really hard on our little baby recently, and I’m honestly over the moon to see that it’s being recognised – not only with so many new subscriptions, but in these lists too. It’s the third one recently, so I’m super-proud! (See here and here for the others)

What’s even better is that we’re among such brilliant company on this list. As I scrolled through, I came across so many blogs that I personally read and love, so to be named among them makes me grin from ear to ear. If you’re an avid blog reader, I seriously suggest you click-through to most of these links and create a new reading list of London loveliness, that contains everything from fashion to foodies (and beautiful babies, thanks to my good friend Gill at A Baby on Board – the only parenting Blog I read regularly).

Other favourites of mine that appear in the list are:

Thanks so much for including us on your Top 40 London Blogs list Benjamin Tong! You are truly awesome, and we appreciate it greatly.


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