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Cheesy Garlic Bread with Real California Cheese Queso Blanco

I guess you won’t find me doing many Christmas-y stuff this year. There is just so many things I am still adjusting to like:

  • Spending our first Christmas in our new house. I am very excited because this is going to be our first holiday here at home. We are hosting and cleaning up didn’t even come across my mind! Gasp! Aside from cleaning, now I have to plan the menu, I used to do just one dish before.
  • Being pregnant. I am sleepy all the time! How can I do the cleaning? I sleep in between breakfast and lunch. Then I sleep again between lunch and dinner. Oh man…

Yesterday, I realized it was already December 22nd! I’m not even done on my Christmas shopping. If I sleep after breakfast, my niece, nephews and godchildren will surely be rallying in front of our house come Christmas day. Hiding is not an option..heehee.  So peanutbutter♥ and I headed out at 8am to do our last minute Christmas shopping. Surprisingly, the crowd wasn’t that thick and shopping was a breeze. We got home just after lunch with a plan to wrap gifts in the afternoon.


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